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We are excited to be able to offer you these special services at special retreat pricing!  Space is very limited and sells out every year, so it is best to register prior to the retreat using the instructions below:

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Cazembe/Lord Vesper



Cazembe Abena/Lord Vesper

Cazembe, also known as ‘The Heart Whisperer,’ is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, Symbolist, Certified Tantra Professional, Channeler, and Certified Holistic Practitioner. Cazembe, through his DOM alter ego Lord Vesper, is also the creator of Senergetic™ BDSM, a unique form of BDSM that focuses on Connection, Healing, Intention, and Trust through Energy Cultivation, Sensual Touch, and Impact Play.  It is a unique modality in which Sensuality meets Art meets Spirit.  Years of training as an Energy Practitioner and Tantra Practitioner have given Lord Vesper a unique set of energy movement skills, techniques, and sensibilities that he uses to further connect people to themselves and others. Through Senergetic™ BDSM, Lord Vesper stimulates energy in the body through chakras and reflexology points to conduct a communion of connection, arousal, trust and emancipation. Lord Vesper works with couples and individuals by creating a safe place for exploration, acceptance and bliss that leads to profound healing.

Senergetic™ BDSM Treatment
  • Senergetic™ BDSM is a deeply arousing technique that can both heal, and emancipate. The session begins by establishing the Intention of the treatment, which could involve joy, courage, self-acceptance or beyond. Then, once guidelines are established and consent given, erotic music and alluring scents fill the air. To establish a connection, the treatment begins with a Tantra hug, and then progresses to a dance between non-sexual sensual touch, energy cultivation and movement, and light to moderate impact play. In addition to the Intention, the goal is to encourage you to release any blockages to embracing your most authentic sensual self, and live a life of true happiness, and personal power. The treatment ends with a cuddle session to help ground you through nurturing. Senergetic™ BDSM is a unique way to relieve stress, embrace your intimate self, and release control so that you may experience the joy of freedom.
  • 90 min
  • $397
  • $197

Chakra Assessment & Balancing Treatment
  • This treatment will begin with an exclusive Chakra Stone Assessment based on Color Therapy. This assessment and explanation will give you a summary of what Chakras are being engaged within you at this time, and at what level. Each Chakra’s primary characteristics will be discussed, and it will be revealed which Chakra needs to be engaged to bring balance to your being. After this brief reading, you will receive a Chakra Stone Treatment on a massage table that will involve Chakra Stones that have been attuned to particular Solfeggio Frequencies. This treatment will help to Cleanse, Heal, and Seal the body and energetic field for your optimum health and well-being.
  • 60 min.
  • $157
  • $97

Tantric Authentic Actualization Release
  • This is a table session much like Reiki (only much more sensual energetically) that will seek to enhance the actualization of your Authentic Self by removing blockages, and engaging your Life Force. Light clothing or undergarments will be required for this session, as reflexology points and meridian lines are accessed to help enhance the personal power, attraction, and emancipation of the individual. Individual results vary, and as with all non-invasive treatments cannot be guaranteed; however, possible results of this technique can be the removal of unwanted mental and emotional blockages – anger, depression, grief, bitterness, stress, etc – or the liberation of the individual through self-acceptance. This technique is meant to arouse and allow individuals to be free, and embrace their sensual and sexual selves.
  • 90 min
  • $497
  • $297

Senergetic™ BDSM For Couples
  • Much like the individual Senergetic™ BDSM, this session will offer tools to couples on how to engage at a deeper level through connection in order to enhance play, sensuality, and sacred sexual experiences. A special breathing technique, several reflexology points to enhance arousal, energy amplification, and and more in-depth use of tools will be explored. In addition, Lord Vesper will be available to address any particular issues that the couple may have regarding sensuality or how to introduce BDSM into the bedroom. Time will be allotted for both partners to play each role, if desired.
  • 2 hours
  • $697

  • $397







Laurie Handlers




Laurie Handlers

Laurie Handlers has been a Tantra educator for over 20 years and is an intimacy coach with an emphasis on sex and happiness.  She is the author of the Amazon #1 International Bestseller – “Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy” and has hosted her weekly radio show “Sex and Happiness” for over 10 years. She holds a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. Her career includes over thirty years as a corporate change consultant, individual empowerment coach and international seminar leader.  She is a dynamic speaker, facilitator and has taught transformational workshops for women, men, couples, singles, parents and teens since 1978 on techniques and secrets that are the basis for healing the body, releasing past emotional trauma, stopping the aging process, and reducing stress.  She has also produced and starred in three independent films; The Big T: Testosterone (2017), Beyond Dinner (2012), Tantric Tourists (2009).


Private Sybian Sessions for Couples
  • A Private Sybian session affords a couple the chance to learn about and experience the amazing Lamborghini of vibration machines in the privacy of your room in order to determine whether or not this is something you would want to purchase in the future. It’s a wonderful device AND most couples who purchase one don’t really know how to use it together. So, I provide some teaching about the machine and then some time to really feel into it together. I am a poster child for Sybian and have  been instructed by the creator of Sybian and his daughter.
  • 1 hour
  • $150
  • $100

Lingham Massage for Couples
  • Most men have not ever experienced sacred touch without having to perform. In this session, the man will receive massage moves designed just for the Lingham and possibly sacred Spot as well, while the woman watches and learns.
  • 90 minutes
  • $350
  • $250

Emotional Release Session
  • I will guide you through techniques for being responsible for your anger, fear, rage, jealousy, including miscellaneous triggers, and how to keep the energy of these emotions off the people you love while at the same time honoring the messages they are bringing you. While most spiritual and religious disciplines say certain emotions are wrong, I will demonstrate how they can have very positive benefits when you learn to honor them instead of being afraid of them.

    You will learn how to de-trigger these emotions quickly.

    This session is for anyone who is curious about anger and other powerful emotions in relationships.  Previous training in Tantra is not necessary.

  • 90 minutes
  • $400
  • $150









Riziki Zafira

Riziki Zafira is a Certified Reiki Master, Sacred Sexuality Coach and Certified Kundalini Tantra Practitioner.  She is also an intuitive Sidereal (Vedic) Astrologer and Goddess Certified Yoni (V) Steam Practitioner.  Despite her years of training and experience as a teacher and healer, she considers herself a Master Student who uses a variety of tools to support her clients on their journey to achieving the highest and best version of themselves.  She has used her extensive knowledge and experience to facilitate the healing, activation and empowerment of both men and women in their personal development, relationships and life purpose.  Guided by the path of her shamanic training, she hosts and co-facilitates sacred ceremonies that incorporate indigenous practices and methods.  In addition to the healing arts, Riziki is also a motivational speaker, educator, workshop facilitator, humanitarian, activist traveler and community farmer.

Yoni Ceremony
  • The Yoni Ceremony was created for the health of our feminine nature. It is a combination of reflection, awareness, solution, and empowerment. By using the ancient practice of Vaginal steaming, we go on a personal journey crafted to align the emotional, mental, and spiritual self.
    The ancient art of Vaginal Steaming has been done throughout centuries as a way to assist for overall self care, reproductive health, and sisterhood.

    The warmth of the steam softens and relaxes the pelvis, the vagina and YOU. Based on your goals and intentions, we can journey through the levels of orgasmic energy, or focus on the journey of rewriting a new narrative for the life your desire to manifest. Why not do both?

    On a physical level, the combination of organic herbs, muscle exercises, the improved blood and lymph flow increases the juiciness and the vaginal tissue on a cellular level.

    Needed Materials :
    Journal for Goal Planning and Reflections

  • 1 hour
  • $65
  • $60

Sidereal Astrology Consultation
  • Being confident and clear in yourself surely increases healthier experience in sex and relating.
    There are many tools that allow us to understand who we are and guide us on a path of growth and success. Sidereal (Vedic) Astrology is one of my BEST tools.

    For years I’ve used this tool for thousands of clients combined with my experience in sacred sexuality, mental health, etc as a means to help people understand themselves, their purpose in life, make career decisions, understand their relationships, and more.

    Through my gift as a channel and knowledge of cosmology looking into your blueprint helps us find keys to activating the SACRED SEXUAL that exists in you!!!

    Materials needed:
    Time, date, and location of birth
    Journal for goal setting, plans, affirmations, etc.
    (Time of birth is not required but extremely helpful)
    *Chart and Recording Included


  • 1hr or 90 min
  • $100/1hr $120/90 minutes
  • $90/1hr $115/90 minutes

Tantric Touch
  • This is a sensual and shamanic experience for the divine masculine. As we journey in the state of trance my goal is to assist you in release from releasing emotional trauma, improve erectile dysfunction, maintain and/or increase overall libido, experience more full body orgasms, and increase your magnetism. Other benefits include stress relief, pain relief, improvement of prostate functions.

    This is a safe and sacred space where you can be authentic and vulnerable. This is a no judgement zone. This is an awesome opportunity to be serviced with the intent of awakening your divine masculine as a sacred sexual being.
    Follow up included

  • 90min
  • $225
  • $120

Soul Repair
  • One of the main reasons that trauma tends to affect us today is because we feel we cannot get back what was lost/taken. Sometimes we wish we could’ve done something different.
    This shamanic Journey is one where we bravely explore the shadows together.
    As your guide I am here to safely guide you through your fears, your shame, and your guilt. This is a road that leads to empowerment and solution.
    This is a safe place for you to cry, scream, curse etc, and release the narrative that keeps you stagnant.
    Are you ready to create a new narrative?
    *After care follow up included

  • 90min
  • $250
  • $150








Gershone Hendelberg



Gershone Hendelberg

Gershone has been traveling as a musician since 2002. Touring the country with bands like DubConscious and Rahasya, Gershone has found himself in the heart of the Mantra Music genre, playing big name festivals from Bhaktifest to Bonnaroo with a variety of well-loved music artists including Wah!, David Newman aka Durga Das, and David Estes and Ananda Rasa Kirtan. In 2015, he spent six weeks in northern India to dip his toes into Indian classical music, and returned inspired to share his love of Kirtan to all across the nation!

Sound Bath
  • Receiver will lie down on their back with eyes closed and receive sound healing vibrations from bells, bowls, voices, and other instrumentation
  • 75 min
  • $90
  • $60




Michael Gibson


Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson is the co-founder of the Academy for Men and creator of “Just Add Skill” workshops for men.  He has studied and practiced healing through Tantra for over ten years and is also a body worker who provides a unique approach to resolving sexual trauma through consensual touch.  His research for the book, “The Talk your Parents Never Gave You,” has revealed the inadequacy of sex education in the world today. This book and the Academy for Men are part of his mission to educate the public and to advance his vision for a socio-sexual revolution.  Michael is also a son, a father, a grandfather, an IT Professional, writer, researcher and speaker.  His ultimate goal and the reason for the work he does, is to eradicate rape culture and sexual trauma from our society.

The Goddess Massage
  • The Goddess Massage; a Luxurious, Sensual Massage that leaves you feeling refreshed, connected, seen, appreciated and satisfied fully, just like a Goddess! In this massage, you’ll discover the elements of presence, you’ll notice your orgasmic responses to touch and you’ll learn to ask for what you want! Your lovemaking will expand to the next level… Your life will expand and so will your relationships! Anything is possible when you feel like a Goddess!!! This massage includes a full body massage with breast and Yoni work. Prior to the massage, the client and I will have a consent conversation outlining what is permissible and what is not as well as setting intentions. We will also discuss any potential traumas that may arise during the session and how to navigate these occurrences. Safe words are used along with communication queues to assist in providing safe expression throughout the massage. Finally, I use a system I’ve created called the Female Pleasure Protocol which I also teach to men who are interested in providing sustained pleasure to their beloved. Upon completion, I provide a ritual that severs any ties between the client and I to ensure she is free to go into the world as the loving, satisfied, empowered Goddess she is so worthy of being!
  • 90 minutes
  • $350
  • $250






Jhoselyn Thomas

Jhoselyn Thomas is a Licensed Registered Nurse with over 16 years of experience, a Sacred Sexuality Guide, Sexual Health Advocate and Certified Tantra Practitioner.  Jhoselyn is also a Shaman who trained with the indigenous Shuar culture, a plant medicine retreat facilitator, and an intuitive healer.  She has worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds in both Spanish (her native tongue) and English, sharing her medical and holistic knowledge about health, healing and cultivating an emotionally balanced life. Knowledge passed down from her South American Indigenous lineage, as well as her western training, has given Jhoselyn a unique set of skills and knowledge that she uses in bringing healing and well being to her clients.


Goddess Touch
  • This Amazing healing session including a Yoni massage is a great way to learn your pleasure zones, to receive therapeutic touch. Transforming your body into a more pleasure positive vessel. Utilizing my Nursing and Tantrica experience I will provide a safe and caring life changing experience. This service is available to women only.
  • 120 min
  • $175
  • $125

Guayusa Private Tea Ceremony

Join to honor the Amazonian Guayusa dream-tea spirit with a special traditional ceremony where we sip the sacred tea and then go into a deep meditative silence to encounter and communicate with our spirit guides to enable us to bring new visions and awareness for our lives. Guayusa is a non-intoxicant caffeine free herbal tea safe for all to drink. This will be a 2 hour session where I will guide you with drumming, singing and guided meditation as you journey through your subconscious mind and Divine Spirit world to gather information about a pre-set intention. This is a private GROUP session.
  • 2.5 hours
  • $90pp $150 per couple
  • $40pp and $75 per couple


Pre/Post Ceremony Spiritual Integration and Shamanic Coaching
  • During this One hour session, either prior or after the Guayusa Sacred Tea ceremony, a grounding shamanic cleansing and Divination ceremony. Gain insight or clarification from messages shared to you via the spirit of Guayusa.
  • 90 Minutes
  • $80pp $100 per couple
  • $45pp $75 per couple






Brion and Karen



Brion and Karen Craig.

We are Authentic Tantra® Practitioners and Educators, as well as life and relationship coaches. We are the founders and owners of Live Heal Thrive Retreats in Atlanta, GA, which hosts global retreats such as “The Art of Authentic Tantra® Retreat,” “The Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat™,” “The Tantra of Money Retreat™,” various holistic retreats and custom retreats for individuals and organizations, and more.  We also teach workshops on Authentic Tantra®, relationships and holistic living such as “The Art of Living a Juicy Life Workshop.”

We are also the creators of the touring stage show, “The SENSuality Experience,” which entertains and teaches audiences how to bring more passion and intimacy into their lives and relationships.

In addition, we own Boudoir by Brion & Karen in Atlanta where we create stunning, sensual images of women and couples.  Last but not least, we are the creators of the Energy Body Synergy Technique, an energy healing technique that helps users release blockages that have prevented them from achieving abundance in every area of their lives.

Authentic Tantra Couples Coaching — Tantric Union Breathing
  • Learn how to deepen your relationship by creating Sacred Space and using Tantric Union Breathing.  In order to experience your greatest relationship potential, you must first create the time and physical space.  We teach you how to create the Sacred Space that will allow the magic to occur in your relationship, both physically and emotionally.  Next, we guide you through Tantric Union Breathing, which is a powerful modality that includes 5 separate practices.  When woven together, these practices create a powerful tool for healing, expanding pleasure, and deepening the emotional spiritual and sexual connection and intimacy in your relationship.
  • 90 minutes
  • $200
  • $110

Orgasmic Awareness Practice for Men, Women and Couples 
  • Orgasmic Awareness Practice is a unique and powerful tool in Authentic Tantra that can be used individually or as a couple.  We will teach you what orgasm truly is and discuss the reasons you may not be fulfilling your full orgasmic potential. We will then demonstrate and guide you through these special techniques.  Using this unique practice, you will learn how to connect with what you truly need and desire, how to use this practice to heal trauma and how to expand into pleasure that you didn’t know was even possible to experience!  *Note that all demonstrations of this technique will be performed on models.  If you are a couple, you have the option to learn and practice the techniques on one another.
  • 90 minutes for individuals/ 2 hours for couples
  • $220/$250
  • $120/$150

Self and Partner Yoni Massage for Women
  • This service is offered to women and couples.  We will teach you female anatomy, the process of arousal in women, sexual reflexology and the 11+ orgasms for women. Connection with yourself and/or your partner through yoni massage requires that you create the emotional and physical space to experience deep intimacy.  We will teach you how to create Sacred Space to cultivate the yoni/heart connection and to facilitate the integration of sex with spirit.  You will also be guided in the use of Tantric breathing practices and meditations to activate the sex chakra and relax and open your body to pleasure.  Yoni massage includes the use of nearly 20 mudras (hand positions), whether you will be doing the practice solo or with a partner.  At the end of the session, you will have tools that you can use to give yourself or your parter a delicious and healing Yoni Massage!  *Note that all demonstrations of this technique will be performed on models. If you are a couple, you have the option to learn and practice the techniques on one another.
  • 90 min for individuals/2 hours for couples
  • $250/$300
  • $150/$250

The Multi-Orgasmic Male
  • This service is offered to men and couples.  Learn how to master your domain and become multi-orgasmic using Authentic Tantra ejaculation control techniques. We will teach you the stages of becoming multi-orgasmic, including separating ejaculation and orgasm, lasting longer and expanding your pleasure.   Using a special Authentic Tantra breathing technique and Orgasmic Awareness practice, we will teach you how to become relaxed, present, connected and aware during sex!  We will also teach you other methods of controlling your ejaculation to enable you to become a multi-orgasmic man.  *Note that all demonstrations of these technique will be performed on models. If you are a couple, you have the option to learn and practice the techniques on one another.
  • 90 minutes for individuals/2 hours for couples
  • $250/$300
  • $150/$200







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