Are you single or a couple who is ready to transform your life or relationship into a juicy, exciting and passion filled experience?

Are you ready to heal trauma, release old patterns and learn new techniques and tools to take your life or relationship to the next level?

If you are ready for a deeper, more profound, more passionate connection with your self and/or your partner, join us at “The Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat” on the beach in Destin, FL for an amazing 7 night, 8 day transformative experience!

“This is a life changing retreat.  A nurturing environment
where you can learn and also heal.”

D.T., New Jersey

“This is one of the BEST retreats we have experienced!!!  Some real live healing took place for me and the King.  We will be attending the next retreat!”
T.B., Atlanta

Imagine packing up and leaving all of your daily stresses and responsibilities behind for a full week and focusing only on yourself or on the two of you!

Imagine spending the week at a luxurious beach estate and returning home refreshed, renewed and transformed!

Imagine spending a full week learning new skills, shedding shame, identifying and releasing intimacy blocks, and creating a more vibrant and exciting life and relationship. 

Imagine asking questions, discussing, healing, learning, and exploring in a safe, discrete, judgement free environment with some of the best experts in the field.

Imagine having plenty of time to reflect, relax, meditate and regenerate on the white sands of a private access Gulf of Mexico beach, in the private pool, or on your balcony.

Imagine spending a whole fun filled week with like-minded people!

“The retreat was beyond what I expected! Everyone at the retreat accepted my tears, my fears, my laughter and my body.  I didn’t realize how much my soul was craving this kind of support and acceptance. I feel alive and whole for the first time in a very long time!” S.R., Georgia


Sacred sexuality is holistic sexuality. Sexuality should flow from and express ALL of who you are, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

If we focus on sex purely as a physical act, we will become quickly bored and dissatisfied because the physical is limited and finite.  If we focus on sex as purely spiritual, we miss the joy and pleasure of being fully present in our bodies.

Sacred sexuality is where the spiritual and physical meet to create magical, passion-filled, juicy and indescribably expansive lives!   

Brion and Karen have created a safe, discrete, fun and judgement free environment for you to learn, heal and grow. 

There will be demonstrations and exercises, along with other teaching tools.  

Experts in the healing arts, Authentic Tantra, sexual health, as well as life and relationship coaches will lead you in workshops in which you will:

  • Engage in and master exercises to regain your connection to and trust in life, yourself, and others.
  • Gain the tools to move through life with an open heart and experience greater intimacy.
  • Release shame and clear past trauma to reclaim your power and authenticity.
  • Acquire new tools such as breathing and other techniques to expand orgasmic capacity, experience full body orgasm, improve performance and enhance health.
  • Discover Authentic Tantra and other modalities, and learn hidden sexual and nonsexual techniques for balancing, healing and enriching your mind, body and spirit.
  • Explore male and female energies and their expression in each sex.  
  • Access and celebrate the healing and manifesting abilities of sexual intimacy.
  • Uncover the secrets to reaching orgasmic states without touch.
  • Develop new skills such as sensual massage, erotic and Tantric dance.
  • Expand your power by learning to own and use your voice to say “yes” or “no.”
  • Learn how to maintain health of the reproductive organs, including the vagina (yoni), penis (lingam), womb and prostate using herbal, dietary, sexual, energetic and other tools.
  • Enjoy yoga, tai qui and guided meditation on the beach to promote healing and relaxation.

And so much more!!

One might think this retreat is about sex.  On the contrary, this retreat is very much about REAL sex education and mostly about really getting to Know your true authentic self.  Some of the greatest gifts of the retreat are to learn how to really show up for yourself and how to really show up for [your partner] and community.”  G.H., Athens, GA

By the end of this retreat, you will possess transformative tools to create an empowered, juicy, dream life, which will continue long after the retreat is over!

You will experience inner healing and long lasting transformation that will unleash your power, instead of just creating temporary states of enjoyment.

You will finally experience greater freedom from pain and suffering, and experience new vitality in your life!

You will make connections and friendships at the retreat that you will treasure for a lifetime.

You will learn new skills and tools to enhance pleasure personally and with your partner.

You will achieve greater connection with yourself and with life itself, as well as enjoy deeper intimacy in your relationships.

“This retreat transformed my image of myself, empowered me, bathed me in the loving energy of our wonderful group.  I will never forget this experience.  The best vacation, plus transforming experience I’ve had in a long time!
M.H., Florida


I’m Ready to Transform My Life…

Meet your hosts Brion and Karen

Hello Beautiful People… We are your hosts, Brion and Karen Craig.  We are life and relationship coaches and founders of Live Heal Thrive Coaching™ in Atlanta, GA.

We also own Live Heal Thrive Retreats™, which hosts global retreats such as “The Art of Intimacy Couples Retreat™,” The Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat™, holistic retreats and custom retreats for individuals and organizations, and more.  We also teach workshops on relationships and holistic living such as “The Art of Living a Juicy Life Workshop.”

We are also the creators of the touring stage show, “The SENSuality Experience™,”  which entertains and teaches audiences how to bring more passion and intimacy into their lives and relationships.  

In addition, we own Brion and Karen Boudoir Photography in Atlanta where we create stunning sensual images of women and couples.  Last but not least, we are the creators of the Energy Body Synergy Technique™, an energy healing technique that helps users release blockages that have prevented them from achieving abundance in every area of their lives.

It is our honor and pleasure to host you at our Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat™ in beautiful Destin, Florida!

“We thank you so much for such a Glorious Retreat!  We honor Brion and Karen for such a powerfully, beautiful healing experience.”
Mr. & Mrs. B.S.W., Atlanta

Your Daily Experience at the Retreat

Day 1 (Saturday)

You’ll arrive and check-in at the luxurious retreat estate between 4-6 pm on October 20th and be escorted to your beautiful room.  After check-in, join your hosts, Brion and Karen, for a warm welcome, introductions, Q&A and a tour of the amazing property.  

We will then have an Opening Circle by the pool where we will usher in the magical, glorious and transformational experience we will all share this week!

Then begins the fun with our poolside Caribbean Welcome Reception.  We’ll enjoy delicious Caribbean food and plenty of hot Caribbean music to dance the night away or hangout in the pool or hot tub.

Day 2 (Sunday)

You will begin your morning with an optional meditation, tai chi or yoga at the beach. Then, enjoy a healthy, but hearty breakfast prepared by our on-site chef that you can enjoy in the beautiful dining room or poolside. After breakfast, you will be empowered, healed and transformed by life-changing and powerful daytime workshops.   

After the workshops, you may eat lunch at any of the many restaurants in the area or order in.  On Day 2 only, we will also have a “field trip” to the local Walmart or grocery store for you to buy snacks, or light lunch foods that you can prepare at the retreat estate.  Then, enjoy the rest of the afternoon for reflection, relaxation and fun in the private pool, in your room, on the white sands of the private access beach, in the game room, or enjoy the beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico from the many beautiful balconies and terraces at the estate. You will also have the opportunity to schedule private sessions with our retreat practitioners. 

We will reconvene at 6:30 p.m. for a tasty dinner prepared by our onsite chef, followed by a sharing session with one another and the opportunity to ask questions. Then we will begin our evening with a fun, interactive and experiential workshop. We will end the day and unwind with a fun event such as a pool party, costume party, movie night in the home theater, dance party or pajama party. 

Day 3 (Monday)  

The schedule for Day 3 is the same as Day 2.

Day 4 (Tuesday)

The schedule for Day 4 is the same as Day 2. 

Day 5 (Wednesday)

The schedule for Day 5 is the same as Day 2. 

Day 6 (Thursday)

The schedule for Day 6 is the same as Day 2. 

Day 7 (Friday)

Day 7 is a day off!  After a late brunch, take the day to reflect and integrate what you’ve learned, take a long nap, hang out at the beach, go into town, lounge by the pool, or spend time with new friends.  In the evening, we will celebrate our last evening together on the optional Sunset dinner and dance cruise. The cruise is beautiful and boasts a lovely menu! After the cruise, we will return to the estate for our Closing Circle to bring the retreat officially to a close.   After the Closing Circle, enjoy the rest of the evening for reflection, relaxation, fun in the pool, in your room, in the hot tub or packing :(. 

Day 8 (Saturday)

After a Grab & Go breakfast, we must say good-bye to all of our new friends, until next time! Check out is at 9:30 a.m.  Safe travels everyone!!

*Daily schedule subject to change

What’s Included:

Your Accommodations and Meals

  • 7 nights and 8 days in a luxurious beach mansion (not included with day pass)
  • A beautifully appointed king or queen room with an en suite bathroom, balcony and beautiful Gulf views or shared bunk room (depending upon which room-type you select)
  • Healthy daily breakfast and dinner prepared by our on-site chef
  • Arrival night pool side Caribbean dinner and party
  • Life changing and transformational workshops presented by experts
  • Plenty of time to enjoy the estate amenities including pool, private beach access, in-home theater, game room, numerous sitting and relaxation areas, beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico or the lagoon from the many balconies and terraces, a private yacht dock and more!

There’s More Included…

  • All evening events, including arrival night Caribbean dinner and pool party, costume party, pajama party, movie nights in the home theater, closing event, and more!
  • Schedule a private session with retreat presenters at an additional special retreat price
  • Special excursions, including a chartered sunset cruise
  • Surprise gifts!
  • Special pricing for upcoming retreats

And best of all, new friendships and an incomparable experience that will last you a lifetime!

What’s Not Included:

  • Transportation to and from the retreat and during your stay
  • Ground transportation to and from the airport
  • Lunch




Life Changing Workshops, include…


“Owning Your Pleasure”
with Brion and Karen Craig

Learn how to identify your own needs and desires, and the life experiences that have affected your ability to fully experience pleasure in your life.   You will also learn tools and techniques to communicate your needs more effectively and how to “hear” with greater clarity what your partner is telling you about their needs and desire, so that you can enjoy deeper and more fulfilling intimacy with yourself and your partner.

“The Talk Your Parents Never Gave You”
with Michael Gibson

You will learn about your physical anatomy as a sensual system, as opposed to a reproductive system and how that knowledge alone expands your capacity for pleasure, intimacy, connection and a sense of personal empowerment.  Michael will also teach you skills for speaking with one another about what you need, desire, like, don’t like, and what shows up as pleasure for you.  He will also empower you to share this knowledge with your own children so that they understand what and how to give consent and have a deep sense of ownership over their own bodies.

Working through Powerful Emotions”
with Laurie Handlers

Everyone has experienced powerful emotions unexpectedly during sex and in relationships generally.  This class will guide you through techniques for being responsible for your anger, fear, rage, jealousy and other difficult emotions, as well as help you identify the source that is triggering these emotion and how to de-trigger them quickly. You will also learn how to keep the energy of these emotions from hurting the people you love, while at the same time honoring the messages the emotions are bringing you. While most spiritual and religious disciplines say certain emotions are wrong, Laurie will demonstrate how they can have very positive benefits when you learn to honor them instead of being afraid of them.

“Just Add Skill for Men,” Parts I and II
with Michael Gibson and Laurie Handlers

This two part co-ed workshop will enhance men’s and women’s intimacy through sexual pleasure by increasing men’s confidence as they expand their knowledge of the female sensual anatomy and are provided a road-map with which to have authentic, adult conversations about sex.  

After questioning over 300 men and women, Michael found that men rate their sexual experiences as a 7, 8, or 9, while women consistently rate their satisfaction a 2 or 3 and 63% confess to having faked orgasm. Women say their sexual experiences are missing desire, variety, presence, connection and skill in pleasuring their bodies. But, contrary to popular belief, MEN ARE NOT CLUELESS! Most men are just not trained and have learned their techniques in the moment and their skills by trial and error. Men will learn how to become masterful at intuiting their lover’s responses to pleasure, how to master clear communication and understand consent, thus allowing for a woman’s vulnerability, pleasure, orgasm, desire, essence and beauty to naturally arise in a safe space. Men become that safe space and this is what makes them Unforgettable Lovers!  Learning things that are more important than technique alone, like presence, communication and anatomy, will transform men as lovers and help them to discover how beautiful, passionate, and open a woman can be when he understands and focuses on her pleasure. Sometimes all you need is to Just Add Skill!

“Connecting to the Essence of One Another,” Parts I &II
with Riziki Zafira

 This is a shamanic journey that allows us to experience the essence of our partner and ourselves.  You will discover and learn how to overcome what has been contributing to certain triggers and hinderances that you may experience in your relationship, sexuality and overall personal development. While both sessions are co-ed, Part I will focus on the men and Part II will focus on the women. Each part will end with a beautiful healing ceremony.  Experience the intimacy, beauty and fulfillment of true connection.

“Senergetic™ BDSM: A Path To Connection, Arousal, and Healing”
with Lord Vesper

Fifty Shades of Gray only scratched the surface of what BDSM can be. At its core, BDSM offers the opportunity for intense pleasure, boding, and emancipation. Senergetic™ BDSM is a more intimate, energetic, and healing form of the art of BDSM that involves healing, connecting, and energetic stimulation. In this workshop, Lord Vesper will instruct you on how to take your partner to the heights of ecstasy, run your own scene, and most importantly have fun while doing it. Some of the
topics covered will be Connecting, Energy Cultivation & Movement, Trust, Control, and Vulnerability, The Importance of Pacing & Sensuality, Emotional Healing, Chakra & Stimulation Points, The Power
of Intention in Healing, and The Art of the Caress. This workshop give attendees a foundation of BDSM play, and the ability to explore their own BDSM to take to the levels they find appealing.

   “Sex Magic–How to Use Sexual Energies to Fuel Your Intentions,” Parts I&II
with Laurie Handlers and Michael Gibson

This two part course is intended to have participants benefit both from the practice of sacred ritual in their lives and flow with a partner in a new realm, a new universe. Perhaps this is something you’ve always dreamed of, but never knew how to access. Your participation in this course will leave you feeling like the star of a Rumi poem!  In this class, you will learn Latihan practice, which is moving and being in the unknown in a state of total surrender.  You will learn the specifics about how to practice and prepare for your own sex magic ritual, including instruction on physically, emotionally and spiritually offering blessings to the Goddess within all women.  Part II will be held during an evening session around the pool under the full moon in order to connect with the natural element of water. (The attire for the evening session is beautiful, sensual, goddessy clothing for women and for the men, clothing that makes them feel connected to their own inner priest or shaman and powerful divine masculine energy.) The men will learn what it means to honor a woman’s body as an altar at which they are praying and women will learn what it means to be touched physically, spiritually and energetically in a way they never have before.  

…And Other Amazing Workshops!

All workshops are co-ed and are designed for singles as well as couples

*workshops and teachers are subject to change without notice


Meet Your Amazing Retreat Teachers and Healers

Brion and Karen Craig

Brion and Karen Craig are Tantra educators, relationship coaches and holistic retreat facilitators. They host and teach at the powerful, transformative retreats they have created, such as the Art of Sacred Sexuality retreats and the Art of Intimacy retreats.   They also teach at other retreats, workshops and conferences. They received their formal Tantra training at the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education and will receive their full certification in November 2018.

Devi Ward Erickson

Devi Ward Erickson is a Tantra Expert, Sex Coach, an ACS Certified Sexologist and the Founder of The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education.

As a trusted and sought after Tantra expert and Sex Coach, Devi has had the privilege and honor of witnessing the profound healing that occurs for women, men, and couples when sexuality is honored as sacred and practiced with awareness, compassion, and loving-kindness.  Devi specializes in using Tantra and “pleasure as medicine” to awaken more connection, passion, and inner bliss in every area of life.

Devi has been teaching meditation and personal growth workshops since 2000 and has been featured as a Female Sexuality Expert in countless articles and over 30 different radio and television networks worldwide.

Devi has devoted her entire adult life to studying the “essence” that infuses all of life through meditation, Tibetan Tantra, Sensual Dance, and Compassionate Communication.

“I get off on exploring that point of divine union –where sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth intersect.” Devi Ward Erickson

Laurie Handlers

Laurie Handlers has been a Tantra educator for over 20 years and is an intimacy coach with an emphasis on sex and happiness.  She is the author of the Amazon #1 International Bestseller – “Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy” and has hosted her weekly radio show “Sex and Happiness” for over 10 years. She holds a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. Her career includes over thirty years as a corporate change consultant, individual empowerment coach and international seminar leader.  She is a dynamic speaker, facilitator and has taught transformational workshops for women, men, couples, singles, parents and teens since 1978 on techniques and secrets that are the basis for healing the body, releasing past emotional trauma, stopping the aging process, and reducing stress.  She has also produced and starred in three independent films; The Big T: Testosterone (2017), Beyond Dinner (2012), Tantric Tourists (2009).

Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson is the co-founder of the Academy for Men and creator of “Just Add Skill” workshops for men.  He has studied and practiced healing through Tantra for over ten years and is also a body worker who provides a unique approach to resolving sexual trauma through consensual touch.  His research for the book, “The Talk your Parents Never Gave You,” has revealed the inadequacy of sex education in the world today. This book and the Academy for Men are part of his mission to educate the public and to advance his vision for a socio-sexual revolution.  Michael is also a son, a father, a grandfather, an IT Professional, writer, researcher and speaker.  His ultimate goal and the reason for the work he does, is to eradicate rape culture and sexual trauma from our society.  

Riziki Zafira

Riziki Zafira is a Certified Reiki Master, Sacred Sexuality Coach and Certified Kundalini Tantra Practitioner.  She is also an intuitive Sidereal (Vedic) Astrologer and Goddess Certified Yoni (V) Steam Practitioner.  Despite her years of training and experience as a teacher and healer, she considers herself a Master Student who uses a variety of tools to support her clients on their journey to achieving the highest and best version of themselves.  She has used her extensive knowledge and experience to facilitate the healing, activation and empowerment of both men and women in their personal development, relationships and life purpose.  Guided by the path of her shamanic training, she hosts and co-facilitates sacred ceremonies that incorporate indigenous practices and methods.  In addition to the healing arts, Riziki is also a motivational speaker, educator, workshop facilitator, humanitarian, activist traveler and community farmer.

Cazembe Abena/Lord Vesper

Cazembe, also known as ‘The Heart Whisperer,’ is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, Symbolist, Certified Tantra Professional, Channeler, and Certified Holistic Practitioner. Cazembe, through his DOM alter ego Lord Vesper, is also the creator of Senergetic™ BDSM, a unique form of BDSM that focuses on Connection, Healing, Intention, and Trust through Energy Cultivation, Sensual Touch, and Impact Play.  It is a unique modality in which Sensuality meets Art meets Spirit.  Years of training as an Energy Practitioner and Tantra Practitioner have given Lord Vesper a unique set of energy movement skills, techniques, and sensibilities that he uses to further connect people to themselves and others. Through Senergetic™ BDSM, Lord Vesper stimulates energy in the body through chakras and reflexology points to conduct a communion of connection, arousal, trust and emancipation. Lord Vesper works with couples and individuals by creating a safe place for exploration, acceptance and bliss that leads to profound healing. 

Gershone Hendelberg

Gershone has been traveling as a musician since 2002. Touring the country with bands like DubConscious and Rahasya, Gershone has found himself in the heart of the Mantra Music genre, playing big name festivals from Bhaktifest to Bonnaroo with a variety of well-loved music artists including Wah!, David Newman aka Durga Das, and David Estes and Ananda Rasa Kirtan. In 2015, he spent six weeks in northern India to dip his toes into Indian classical music, and returned inspired to share his love of Kirtan to all across the nation!

Jhoselyn Thomas

Jhoselyn Thomas is a Licensed Registered Nurse with over 16 years of experience, a Sacred Sexuality Guide, Sexual Health Advocate and Certified Tantra Practitioner.  Jhoselyn is also a Shaman who trained with the indigenous Shuar culture, a plant medicine retreat facilitator, and an intuitive healer.  She has worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds in both Spanish (her native tongue) and English, sharing her medical and holistic knowledge about health, healing and cultivating an emotionally balanced life. Knowledge passed down from her South American Indigenous lineage, as well as her western training, has given Jhoselyn a unique set of skills and knowledge that she uses in bringing healing and well being to her clients.

This Retreat Looks AMAZING!

Welcome to Your Luxurious Accommodations…

What others have experienced at our retreats…

“NOW is the moment to break through and clear the blockages that have prevented you from living a full, juicy and orgasmic life!”

~Brion and Karen

Have Questions? We would be happy to answer them!

I Can’t Wait to Join You!