Hello Beautiful People…

It is our honor and pleasure to host you at our sixth Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat™! This time, we have chosen beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica to hold this powerful, transformative experience.

Ever since our first retreat, our deepest intention  has always been to create a safe space for you to learn, heal, expand and transform.  To support you on your journey, we bring you powerful Authentic Tantra® and Sacred Sexuality tools that will transform your life into a place of deep peace, joy and bliss!

And as always, we bring you these life affirming tools in a beautiful and luxurious setting.  For this retreat, we selected a luxurious private, gated estate in Jamaica, complete with a private butler, chef and housekeeper.  You will have plenty of time to integrate everything you are learning while relaxing in the private pool, having fun on the beach or strolling the acres of private gardens.  

On this page, we have shared all the delicious details about the retreat and how you can become a part of this amazing adventure into healing, wholeness and bliss!  To learn more about us, check out our bio here.  We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Jamaica!

“We thank you so much for such a Glorious Retreat!  We honor Brion and Karen for such a powerfully, beautiful healing experience.”

Mr. & Mrs. B.S.W., Atlanta

What is Sacred Sexuality

Sacred sexuality is holistic sexuality. Sexuality should flow from and express ALL of who you are, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

If we focus on sex purely as a physical act, we will quickly become bored and dissatisfied because the physical is limited and finite.  If we focus on sex as purely spiritual, we miss the joy and pleasure of being fully present in our bodies.

Sacred sexuality is where the spiritual and physical meet to create magical, passion-filled, juicy and indescribably expansive lives!   

What Will I Learn at This Retreat

Brion and Karen have created a safe, discrete, fun and judgement free environment for you to learn, heal and grow. 

There will be demonstrations and exercises, along with other teaching tools.  

Experts in the healing arts, Authentic Tantra®, sexual health, as well as life and relationship coaches will lead you in workshops in which you will:

  • Engage in and master exercises to regain your connection to and trust in life, yourself, and others.
  • Gain the tools to move through life with an open heart and experience greater intimacy.
  • Release shame and clear past trauma to reclaim your power and authenticity.
  • Acquire new tools such as breathing and other techniques to expand orgasmic capacity, experience full body orgasm, improve performance and enhance health.
  • Discover Authentic Tantra® and other modalities, and learn hidden sexual and nonsexual techniques for balancing, healing and enriching your mind, body and spirit.
  • Explore male and female energies and their expression in each sex.  
  • Access and celebrate the healing and manifesting abilities of sexual intimacy.
  • Uncover the secrets to reaching orgasmic states without touch.
  • Develop new skills such as sensual massage, erotic and Tantric dance.
  • Expand your power by learning to own and use your voice to say “yes” or “no.”
  • Learn how to maintain health of the reproductive organs, including the vagina (yoni), penis (lingam), womb and prostate using herbal, dietary, sexual, energetic and other tools.
  • Enjoy yoga, tai qui and guided meditation to promote healing and relaxation.

And so much more!!

One might think this retreat is about sex.  On the contrary, this retreat is very much about REAL sex education and mostly about really getting to Know your true authentic self.  Some of the greatest gifts of the retreat are to learn how to really show up for yourself and how to really show up for [your partner] and community.”  

G.H., Athens, GA

What Will I Gain from this Experience

By the end of this retreat, you will possess transformative tools to create an empowered, juicy, dream life, which will continue long after the retreat is over!

You will experience inner healing and long lasting transformation that will unleash your power, instead of just creating temporary states of enjoyment.

You will finally experience greater freedom from pain and suffering, and enjoy new vitality in your life.

You will make connections and friendships at the retreat that you will treasure for a lifetime.

You will learn new skills and tools to enhance pleasure personally and with your partner.

You will achieve greater connection with yourself and with life itself, as well as enjoy deeper intimacy in your relationships.

“This retreat transformed my image of myself, empowered me, bathed me in the loving energy of our wonderful group.  I will never forget this experience.  The best vacation, plus transforming experience I’ve had in a long time!

M.H., Florida

I’m Ready to Transform My Life…

Welcome to Your Luxurious Accommodations…

Your Daily Experience at the Retreat

What’s Included:

Your Accommodations and Meals

  • 7 nights and 8 days in a luxurious gated estate 
  • A beautifully appointed king or queen room with an en suite bathroom
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by our on-site Jamaican chef
  • Arrival night pool side Caribbean dinner and party
  • Life changing and transformational workshops presented by experts
  • Plenty of time to enjoy the estate amenities including pool, beach, and gardens, as well as access to the luxurious amenities on the prestigious Half Moon Resort.


There’s More Included…

  • Estate evening events, including arrival night Caribbean dinner and pool party, and transportation to Margaritaville 
  • Schedule a private session with retreat presenters at an additional special retreat price
  • Surprise gifts!
  • Special pricing for upcoming retreats

And best of all, new friendships and an incomparable experience that will last you a lifetime!

What’s Not Included:

  • Transportation to and from the retreat and during your stay
  • Tips, and any and all expenses not specifically “Included.”


“NOW is the moment to break through and clear the blockages that have prevented you from living a full, juicy and orgasmic life!”

~Brion and Karen

What others have experienced at our retreats…


Is this a "sex" retreat?





No. While we address sexual topics, recreational sexual activity is not part of the workshops or the retreat.

Can I attend the workshops if I am staying at a different resort?

We create a space in which each guest feels safe to share, process, heal and learn. We have found that it is disruptive to creating a sense of safety and trust when there are participants who are not present during the entirety of the retreat or who are staying offsite.

Is this retreat open to both singles and couples?

Yes!  Our retreats are a mix of both singles and couples.

Is there a payment plan available?


Absolutely! You have the option to select “pay in full” or  “deposit” at registration.  If you’d like the payment plan option, simply select “deposit” at registration.  Your credit card will be charged the 10% down and then will be automatically debited each month thereafter in equal monthly installments until the balance is paid in full. You may also pay off your balance at any time.




Have Questions? We would be happy to answer them!